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Here at Metanoia, we offer many variations of lash styles and more to accommodate anyone's lash needs. Please scroll down to view all lash services offered and lash policy


Lash Lift                                                                                    60.00

Lash Tint                                                                                   60.00


Classic Lash Extensions                                                         120.00



Hybrid lash extensions                                                          120.00


Hybrid Lash Extensions                                                        130.00



Wispy Lash Extensions                                                     140.00


Volume Lash Extensions                                                     150.00

Bottom lash

Bottom Lash Extensions                                                     60.00                              

Lash add-on

Decals                                                                                         3.00

Full Color                                                                                20.00

Color on corner or ends                                                          6.00

Lash Extension Removal                                                      35.00


Lash After Care Kit                                                                 15.00

Lash Fan                                                                                  30.00

Lash Policy

      There are no refunds to any lash service, you have 48 hours to notify us if you’re unhappy with the service, I will happily fix or remove your extensions free of charge. After 48 hours you must pay for a fill or removal.

You have a 15 minute grace period, after the 15 minutes your deposit will not be refunded and the appointment canceled. You must pay a new deposit for a new appointment.

A $20 Non-Refundable deposit must be sent the same day your appointment is confirmed, failure to do so will result in a canceled appointment. (Your deposit will go toward your service).

Fill-ins are to be done every 2-3 weeks, anything after 3 weeks is considered a full set. Fill-ins require you to have at least 50% of lash extensions left to qualify for a fill. If you have less than 50% please book a new set.

Please arrive at your appointment free of all eye makeup and no eye contacts. If failure to arrive with no eye makeup, a $10 cleaning fee will be added to your total.

Clients with existing lash extensions from other salons/spas must book a removal, and a full set to ensure a healthy new base and better retention.

A phone policy is enforced, we ask that all cell phones are turned off or on silent mode and left at check-in. Talking and using phones create small movements, wiggles and allow fumes to escape into your eyes and cause discomfort. Plus this is your time to enjoy and relax. Please plan ahead of time and inform whoever accompanies you or check-ins with you about the time of service you will receive and won’t have your phone handy. 

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